Minneapolis-based photographer


Hey there, I’m Eric! Originally from Nebraska, I now reside in Minneapolis with my wife, three dogs, cat, and a bunch of reptile friends. Outdoors is my passion, whether hiking, biking, climbing, or camping, rain or shine.

I've found love in capturing portraits of people, especially of couples. There's a certain magic in documenting their connection. And I'm continually inspired by the similarities between street and wedding photography.

Kuvira the cat laying on a couch watching birds from the window.


Kuvira is the ruler of the house to the chagrin of the rest of its inhabitants... Food must be delivered at exactly 6:30 AM and 4:00 PM every day even though breakfast and dinner are much later than that. Kuvira enjoys watching birds, napping all day, and eating grass if she isn't fed in a timely manner.

Hattie, a dog, looking at the camera being all cute.


Don't let her bark fool you. Hattie is the most loyal and loving dog you'll ever meet even if she's a little slow to show it. Hattie enjoys following Mom around the house always, napping, and playing fetch but only if it's inside. Also, if Kuvira is hungry, Hattie becomes very uneasy.

Jinora, a dog, laying in woodchips at Lake of the Isles dog park.


I can't say Jinora is necessarily loyal because she'll take pets from anyone who will give them to her. I have to warn everyone at the dog park that if you start petting you, she won't let you stop. Jinora enjoys pets, eating Scoob's food, and chasing squirrels and rabbits in the backyard.

Scooby, a dog, laying on a rug inside.


Scooby, or Scoob for short, is the old man of the group at nearly 16 years of age. Scoob will demand wrestle and playtime at almost exactly 8:30 PM every night. Don't ask me how he does it, he does not wear a watch. Scooby enjoys bacon treats, sleeping, and following Dad everywhere.

I'm laid-back and enjoy chatting about life, travel, and the wild twists of weather in the midwest. When we meet, you'll feel comfortable and leave with cherished memories, regardless of who you are.